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Foursquare and Twitter can get you robbed

A new website, pleaserobme.com, has pointed out that using the mobile service foursquare.com does leave you very vulnerable to criminals if you use it together with Twitter.

The idea of Foursquare is that you show your friends where you are at any given moment and which places you have visited that you recommend to them. This means that you also let know when you are at home, giving your friends your home address. So far this is a great service and there does not seem to be any problem with it.

However, the site allows you, or better said pushes you to connect to your Facebook and Twitter account, thus getting more friends involved. With Facebook there will in general be no problem, as most people do close there account for all people other than their friends, thus showing the same information to the same people. Connecting your Foursquare account to Twitter though, sends all your Foursquare messages and where you are out into the world, because Twitter accounts are open to everyone.

The website pleaserobme has just made a list of all people announcing their whereabouts and home address this way. It is clear that Foursquare is not pleased and have denounced the pleaserobme website.

Common sense
In the end it is like I said before in this blog: you need to use your common sense and be aware that everything you do online gets out into the open one way or another. I would suggest you go and enjoy Foursquare, but do not connect it to your Twitter account and try to hide your home address. How to do that last thing I still need to find out, but I will certainly create a short description as soon as I have.

How do you feel about Foursquare? do you use it? what is your experience?

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