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March 11th, 2011

Do you wonder if using Facebook is secure? What will happen to the pictures of you and your family or friends that you publish on Facebook? How can you make sure that the whole world doesn't get to see those?
I do not pretend to know everything about Facebook, but hopefully the below articles will help you get a better understanding of the dangers of Facebook and how to best protect your privacy. In the end Facebook is a great tool to communicate with our friends and family and to my idea the disadvantages do outweigh any possible nuisances.

How many fans do you need to be successful in Facebook?
Genuine social businesses only need 10 fans in Facebook
When discussing Social Media with managers, their first question usually is: “How many fans do you need to be successful in Facebook?” The number they expect to hear is somewhere around ten thousand, as it has a nice ring to it. My answer is always ten!

Facebook creates more close relationships
According to a study done by Pew Internet, people using Facebook several times a day create closer relationships are more trusting and do get more social support than the average population. This instead of general believe that Facebook users replace normal friendships with online ones and thus do not interact in person with that many people anymore.

How to use Facebook safely
There are many stories of people who use Facebook and get fired or have another reason to regret using it ever. Does this mean we should avoid sites like Facebook altogether? Of course not, but some caution is absolutely necessary.

Has Facebook made us shameless?
As I already wrote in my former article about Facebook, having too many friends on Facebook can get you into serious trouble. As some people have thousands of “friends” it is sometimes difficult to remember who is reading your publications or going through your private photos.

Will Facebook use decrease because of off-line consequences?
Social media is still very new and society has not created any rules for it. That is “social” rules as opposed to legal ones. Anybody just does anything that comes to mind, without thinking twice. This has already had some serious consequences.

Facebook could get you fired or divorced
Social media comments can get you into real trouble 
Do you think you are using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites in a sensible way that will not get you into trouble? You better think again as the following examples will show you.

Facebook privacy does not exist
The security of data, photos and publications on Facebook is a constant discussion: is what you publish save or not? Can the whole world see it?

Facebook & Privacy
Are your photos tagged?

There is a lot of commotion these days about the privacy settings in Facebook. Most of the concerns are about the difficulty of configuring your privacy settings and the danger you forget  to close of a gap.


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