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March, 2011

Do you use Facebook or Twitter for your personal life or business? Why and what are the differences? Opposite to Facebook, everything you say in Twitter can be read by the whole world. What consequences has that? Below are some articles where I discuss these and other issues with Twitter. Please do contact me if you have a different opinion.

Will the chitchat kill Twitter?
I wrote before that Twitter will be killed by the useless chitchat people tweet all the time. However, is that really so, or is that chitchat actually a blessing that will enrich all of our lives?

Twitter's 140 character limit - Blessing or hidden menace
The great advantage of Twitter is that it limits the length of the messages you can write. By having to stay within 140 characters it forces you to focus on what you write and it allows you to read a lot of messages in a short time. However, a negative side to this limitation is also emerging.

Twitter could get you sued or in prison!
Recently I wrote about the dangers of social media and focused on Facebook. It showed how dangerous a Facebook account can be. In this article I will touch on some examples where Twitter is not as safe as it seems either.

Foursquare and Twitter can get you robbed
A new website, pleaserobme.com, has pointed out that using the mobile service foursquare.com does leave you very vulnerable to criminals if you use it together with Twitter.

Use Twitter to monitor your brands
Are you monitoring what is being said about you and your brand online? Are you able to react immediately if your brand is being trashed in a blog or an online discussion? One good way to keep an eye on things is by using Twitter.


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Some of my personal remarks and opinion on books related to social media marketing:

"Socialnomics" How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business, by Erik Qualman


"New rules of PR & Marketing" How to Use Social Media, Blogs, News Releases, Online Video, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly, by David Meerman Scott

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