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Facebook and privacy
Are your photos tagged around the world?
May 2010

There is a lot of commotion these days about the privacy settings in Facebook. Most of the concerns are about the difficulty of configuring your privacy settings and the danger you forget  to close of a gap.

 For those people there is a great tool at http://www.reclaimprivacy.org/ where you can get a little application that will function inside Facebook and tell you if and where any gaps in your privacy settings exist.

However, there is a far greater risk within Facebook: Tags.
Any one of your friends can Tag your photos and videos with their own name, or any one of their friends names. This means that all the friends of the person tagged will see that photo or video on their home page. People tagged can in turn tag other people onto the photo and before you know it, it went all around the world. With people having over a thousand friends in Facebook, it is very likely that you do not know how all of them will treat your photos and videos and some of them most likely have their privacy set open to the world.

I have tried to close of this little hole in the privacy settings, but nothing in the privacy functions seems to work.

 Does anybody have an idea if it is possible to block this?

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