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Facebook privacy does not exist

The security of data, photos and publications on Facebook is a constant discussion: is what you publish save or not? Can the whole world see it?

In December I wrote an article about how to use Facebook without publishing your personal data on the World Wide Web. Since then I have been trying to break our Facebook account, to prove the privacy settings of Facebook cannot be trusted. The account settings are so strict that the publications are only visible to friends, the highest privacy level in Facebook. No matter what I did, I could neither find a trace of the account nor the publications anywhere. As far as non-friends are concerned it does not exist on Facebook.

However, it finally dawned on me: re-publications! Your own publications are save as long as you configure your account correctly, but as soon as one of your inner circle friends decides to re-publish your comment, photo, video or whatever you were doing on their Wall, it can become publicly accessible. It al depends on your friends settings and their friends settings and etc. etc. Even if you try virtual suicide (a company that removes all your stuff from Facebook for you if you decide so), your photos and videos that have been re-published are still out there and might come to haunt you in years from now.

As I said before: Anything you write or publish, that leaves your computer through an Internet connection, no matter where or how you publish it, can become public property. So, before hitting the publish or mail send button, think one more time: Would you mind if this material would appear on the front page of your national newspaper?!

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