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Has Facebook made us shameless?
What should you publish on Facebook and what not?
October 2010

As I already wrote in my former article about Facebook, having too many friends on Facebook can get you into serious trouble. As some people have thousands of “friends” it is sometimes difficult to remember who is reading your publications or going through your private photos.

I do realize we are not all criminals, but see the following example (one of many), of a crook caught by keeping a Facebook account and befriending the wrong people: http://bit.ly/4cQ8b3

Apart from that, people do write the most private details about themselves or talk in a foul language they would not dare to use in a public place. It is as if Internet has created a whole new society with no social rules. People say and do things they would otherwise be too ashamed to say and do. Maybe you have no problem publishing this kind of messages at this moment of your life, but maybe you do not want to explain to friends or connections in the future why you wrote this on Facebook. But even the people who read this article and feel they do not belong to the group I am describing here will slip up now or then and publish something they themselves, their friends and family or their boss will not appreciate afterwards. Opposite to the era before Internet publications are not confined to a local newspaper and quickly forgotten. Publishing something nowadays will not only go around the world if it is juicy enough, it will also return from time to time and most likely not go away for the rest of your life.

So, the best thing to do, apart from not publishing anything online anymore, is to consider anything you write in an eMail, Social media site or any other electronic way as if you are writing an article on the front page of your national newspaper with your photo next to it. If you would not dare to post what you are writing on such a front page, then you better start rewriting it or just forget all about it.

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