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New rules of Marketing and PR
David Meerman
October 2010

How to use social media blogs, news releases, online video and viral marketing to reach buyers directly.

"The web has made public relations public again"

This is a great book for anyone new or relatively new to social media marketing. It will help you set up and use a lot of different channels effectively. If you have been involved in social media for a while then this book will bring and repeat several messages you are already familiar with, like for example how to use blogs, webcasts, podcast, news releases, etc. in your online marketing to reach you customers and engage with them directly.

However it also contains a lot of useful examples of how companies have been successful online, which are useful to any online marketer. The most important messages that made this book worthwhile for me are:
  • PR (for the media) and Marketing (for the masses) are merging into one in social media. PR no longer depends on the mercy of journalists, willing to publish your story or not, but can be directed to the consumer directly.
  • To market a product effectively in social media, companies need to create buyer personas; create extensive buyer persona profiles and develop marketing programs to reach each one of these groups separately.

I am still using the book from time to time as a kind of manual, when I am busy with a specific channel, to refresh my memory.


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Some examples of social media and social media marketing campaigns that caught my attention:

United breaks guitars
Still an excellent example of how social media can damage a companies reputation and how this tends to stay for a long time.


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