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Social media is in fact social

April 2010

Whoever said that the Internet has made our society less social, because people spend more time online and not with friends, has just been proved incorrect.

The current volcanic cloud creating havoc in Europe has also shown that social media brings out the best in people. Facebook groups like Carpool Europe and Twitter hash tags like #GetMeHome have become extremely popular. More important, requests for help have been answered by large amounts of people, offering a ride to whoever needs to go into the same direction. Although this kind of actions would have been much more difficult to realize before we had Internet, it is still amazing how many people offer to help others for free.

It gets even better, with people living around airports to offer a place for the night. These days there is so much news of crime and violence that it is not a small step to invite unknown people into your house for the night. Maybe Internet will bring us closer together than ever before.

Did you have another experience where social media made people behave more social, or the opposite, then please let us know!

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