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How Social media transforms the way we live and do business

By: Erik Qualman

Socialnomics is a good book if you still have doubts about social media marketing or if you have just started to find your way around social media. It explains very clearly how social media has changed the way we communicate and gives great examples of effective use of social media in all types of campaigns.

The main message of the book is that companies need to change their attitude towards their customers and have to learn to deal with their customers in a completely different way. Companies are no longer in control and have to let their customers decide what to talk about (and not just pushing ads out). And not only companies, as the case study of Obama's use of social media in his election clearly shows social media does filter into all aspects of our life.

For those who have more experience with social media I can say that the most I enjoyed from Qualman's book is that it does give a lot of interesting real world examples in an easy to read style. I was attracted to this book by the video made by Erik Qualman on YouTube which I used to explain social media to other people. If you haven't seen the video, take a look at it below, it gives a good idea of Erik Quyalman's thoughts behind the book.


Social media





Some examples of social media and social media marketing campaigns that caught my attention:

United breaks guitars
Still an excellent example of how social media can damage a companies reputation and how this tends to stay for a long time.

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