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Twittter 140 charater messages
Blessing or hidden menace?

The great advantage of Twitter is that it limits the length of the messages you can write. By having to stay within 140 characters it forces you to focus on what you write and it allows you to read a lot of messages in a short time. However, a negative side to this limitation is also emerging.

For companies certain messages cannot be written, because a disclaimer needs to be added for legal reasons, which exceeds the 140 character limit. A more worrying development is though that keeping it short makes messages vulnerable to liability claims. By not mentioning all the facts it is possible that a comment on Twitter can result in being sued. Julie Hilden gives a good example of such a case on FindLaw: http://bit.ly/5gB3kc

As I wrote before, it is all of course a case of thinking twice before publishing anything. Twitter and other social media sites make public publishing too easy and make people write things they would not write in for example a news paper. So, if you think a bit before hitting the enter button in Twitter, you should be ok.

However, this does also mean that a lot of people will stop writing their opinion as you never know what the consequences will be. Will the danger of writing the wrong thing bring an end to social media as we know it? The answer is probably that it will help shape social media into a more mature format.

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