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Use Twitter to monitor your brands
What do your customers say about your brands?


Are you monitoring what is being said about you and your brand online? Are you able to react immediately if your brand is being trashed in a blog or an online discussion? There are many ways to monitor your customers online but the real effective ones will be done by a third party and cost you a lot of money. Anyway, even then you should always be asking yourself if you are able to react quick enough to contain the damage. Whenever your business is too small to contract a third party, or if you do but still want to keep your own finger to the pulse, you should be thinking about Twitter.

Why use Twitter to monitor?
At this moment Twitter is the place where people comment online, so this is where you probably find a large percentage of your customers. If used in the right way, Twitter will show you real time results, which allows you to react immediately to any damaging publication. It is much easier for your customers to react to your postings on Twitter than on a blog and you can publish your own comments and messages also much quicker. Because of its short messages Twitter is the ideal messaging service to use on your mobile phone, so you keep up to date where ever you are. On top of this all Twitter has several great tools to help you monitor your brand like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite.

How to monitor with Twitter?
The easiest way is to do a direct search of course. By leaving the search on screen you notice every new posting about the term you are searching for immediately. Searching for Hashtags will narrow your result with those remarks marked by their owner to be significant for the keyword you are looking for. This way you might miss certain remarks, but your search result will not be swamped with all kind of useless results. In both cases be sure to “save the searches” that turn out to be most relevant for you. However, if you get more serious with monitoring, you can use one of several monitoring tools to get a better overview.

Twitter monitoring tools

This is my favorite tool as it gives me the best overview of what people are saying about me. Tweetdeck allows you to search for certain keywords in Twitter and enables you to connect to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other accounts directly. You are not only staying in touch with what people are saying about you, but you can also upload comments, photos & videos and links directly from your dashboard.

Other tools that can be used are Tweetmeme, Tweepsearch, Twello and many others. The one I found that is comparable to Tweetdeck is Hootsuite, but I have not used it enough to be able to comment on it. For a good comparison of tools, see Chang Yu’s article below.

Do you have a different experience that is worth mentioning or do you disagree with me? Please share it by commenting below.

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