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Will Facebook use decrease because of off-line consequences?
October 2010


Social media is still very new and society has not created any rules for it. That is “social” rules as opposed to legal ones. Anybody just does anything that comes to mind, without thinking twice. This has already had some serious consequences.

Consequences like people deliberately slandering others, or unwillingly being sued over seemingly innocent remarks and photos. Some examples
  • 8% of US companies have fired people because of their remarks on Facebook or Twitter.
  • In the US in 1 out of 5 divorces spouses use online comments against the other half.
  • People have been banned from airports for their online remarks.
  • Several law suits have already been filed against people for slander against a product or company.

With more and more stories like this appearing in the media, people will close of their remarks from the world, only allowing a small group of friends to read them, or they will shy away from social media all together. People might also turn more and more to the practice of using social media to stay up to date, without publishing anything themselves, thus diminishing the effect of this media. As the practice of suing people is more common in the US, this might well mean that social media may become more popular outside the cradle of the Internet.

With social media people need to go through a period of learning. We have learned how to behave in social interactions during childhood. However when we engage in social media nobody tells us how to behave and we have to learn this the hard way and often that is really the hard way. What most likely will happen is that the off-line reactions to social media use will result in a smaller but more structural use of social media with the creation of the same social rules as in off-line society.

Are you brave enough to keep publishing on social media?


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